Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Clean eating is gaining popularity among health enthusiasts. Clean eating means making the right choice of food and not eating processed and junk food. Clean eating is eating food that is more close to its natural form. The concept involves food that is regional and seasonal. Eating food which is grown in the region where the consumer is located and the food which is of fresh crop.

The preserved, processed, canned and packaged food is not the right choice. The food which has changed many forms from its production stage is no more a healthy food. Food that is raw and unprocessed shall be preferred. Of course, all foods cannot be eaten raw. Some foods need cooking. The goal is to minimally process the food. The foods which need additives and preservatives for enhancing their shelf life or any other special process to make them tastier shall be carefully selected for consumption.

The processed foods are loaded with unhealthy fats, and preservatives, and have added sugars or other substances which are disguised as sugars and high sodium content; all these additives of the processed foods make them harmful to health. Therefore, it is important to read labels to know the true contents of any packaged food. Clean eating includes eating whole and natural foods which are not processed or are minimally processed, which do not contain added chemicals to enhance their shelf life, do not contain added sugar in any form, and do not contain any harmful fats.

It is not very difficult to return to clean eating. We can gradually introduce clean eating habits into our diets. Small steps like first limiting and then removing packaged foods ( of course packaging of food which is necessary for the unit sale and transportation ease are excepted) from the diet can later become a lifestyle.

Removing excess sugar, salt and unnecessary use of unhealthy fats can do wonders for health. Reduction of dairy or having only ethically obtained dairy can also make a considerable difference with regard to the ailments attributable to excessive intake of dairy. Refined carbohydrates should also be removed from the diets.

Inclusion of more fruits, vegetables, soaked nuts and seeds, whole grains, proper intake of water, chewing your food well, proper spacing of successive meals, and also liming habitual eating of snacks will all contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol also need to be appropriately dealt with for resorting to clean rating.

Eating properly alone cannot fully achieve the purpose of benefits of clean eating. Alongside, the role of exercise and stress-free life is equally important


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