How To Activate Your Body To Heal Itself

How To Activate Your Body To Heal Itself

“Are you tired of relying on medicines every time you feel unwell? It’s time to use the incredible healing power that lies within your own body. Yes, you read it right! Your body has the ability to heal itself naturally, without any external intervention. Let’s explore some simple yet effective ways to activate your body to heal Itself with inbuilt healing mechanisms and help it overcome various health issues.

All our organs are made of cells. The health of cells is the health of organs. Accordingly, our body remains healthy or gets sick dependent upon the functioning of our organs. The sick cells have the ability to heal themselves. When due to any condition if the cells are not healthy and any disease invades the body. The auto-defense mode of the body is activated. The nutrition in the body comes into action. A fight goes on between the cause of sickness and the body’s own power to regain health. The diseased and dead cells are replaced by healthier cells.

We all know whenever there is an accident and our bones are broken, the process of repair and healing of the bones commences. The power of the body is directed to the damaged or affected portions of the body and reconstruction begins, New Cells assume the charge.

Similarly, in case of cuts or bruises when there is bleeding. The platelets take responsibility and blood clots to discontinue bleeding. You may recall whenever we have to undergo surgery the doctor prescribes us a blood clotting test. This is done to ascertain how much time our blood takes to clot when any cut is made. In the case of some people, their blood does not clot the normal time. Therefore while planning their surgery due care is given to this special need.

Cells in our body are continuously dying and are born. This process continues the whole of our life and our body ceaselessly does this job. Millions of cells are dying each day. In around a year’s time, almost 90 % of the body cells are dead and an equal number is born  Whole body is renewed in a year’s time. But it is interesting to note the new cells behave in the way old cells have been behaving. The memories of old cells are the legacy of new cells.

The body’s defense system also known as our immune system is innately doing a fine job of protecting the body against unwelcome guests namely harmful bacteria and viruses. It also deals with the toxicity in the body and fights to throw out toxins from the body.

The soldiers in defense of the body are mucus, the acid in the stomach, white blood cells, and the body’s temperature. It may be noted that the body knows that viruses and bacteria cannot live in high temperatures. Therefore whenever there is an invasion of harmful substances viz bacteria, viruses, etc. in the body, the line of defense in our body gets activated. The body raises its temperature to kill the foreign harmful substance as it cannot sustain high body temperature. Therefore, some of the branches of healing believe that we should not artificially lower our body’s temperature and let the heat in the body do its work of killing the bacteria, etc.

Right, a question may come to readers’ mind if a body has such a well-defined healing mechanism then why it is not working in the case of all people and all the time? Fine, science is researching answers to many questions. But our primitive wisdom has its own intelligence. It has been observed and can be claimed with complete certainty that our lifestyle interferes with the body’s innate powers to heal. We knowingly or unknowingly derail the process of healing ourselves. We make certain choices on a continuous basis to corrupt the mode of healing and continuously and sometimes mercilessly load our bodies with substances that are absolutely detrimental to ourselves and not conducive to the condition in question.

It has been studied, established, and proven beyond doubt that the following play important role in the body’s immune system:

  • Good quality and adequate sleep
  • Sufficient nutrition which is balanced
  • The proper state of mind
  • Regular and optimum exercise
  • Proper gut condition
  • Balanced intestinal flora
  • Good digestion
  • Proper elimination of toxins from the body

For the interest of readers, it is explained that the body has only one ‘worker’ inside. It is capable of doing both the necessary functions of the body i.e. it can heal and repair the body and it can digest food. But it cannot multitask. At one given time it can do only one work efficiently and to its fullest potential. It is up to us as to how we harness its powers.

The best job of healing is done by this worker when he has no other job and the body is in deep sleep. So when we sleep and digestion is shut out, the vital power of the body commences the task of healing and repair. The next day we are again charged, energetic, and roaring. Just the previous night we did not have enough strength to change our clothes or eat, and we straight went to bed. We have a sound sleep and the next day we wake up refreshed and willing to go to the gym or for walking, running, etc.

So where from this energy come from? Who has transformed us from a fatigued body to a fresh one? Yes, you guessed right this wonder happens when we are asleep. Now look at the reverse of it, we are sleep deprived, the sleep debt keeps rising, and we have not had our full sleep. The next day we are tired, irritated, and fatigued. This sleep deprivation continues for several nights and the body is not able to do its regular repair and healing.

The load continues and the debt of sleep keeps increasing. As long as the body’s energy reserves can withstand we continue carrying on with our life as usual. After crossing certain limits of the body, any virus or bacteria we come across, infects us and the body’s defense system is incapable to handle it, consequently, we fall sick.

Thus, we can see, sleep replenishes our body’s strength by repairing and healing us.

Next is good nutrition. Our cells need energy which is derived by them from the nutrition in food. Suppose we keep eating unhealthy/ processed/ultra-processed food, which is nutrient deficient and incapable of meeting the body’s needs, the cells will be nutrition deprived and will not have optimal functioning. Cells do a series of important functions in our body. The below optimal health of cells impairs their performance and the impacted cells just reciprocate what is done to them. Their nutrition is diminished by us, and they in turn reduce their functions. This reduced functioning of cells has a long-term spiral effect, which is manifested in the form of the disease.

This is the belief of the current medical system, practiced across the whole of the world,  that treatment of patients has to be done on the basis of the symptoms shown by them. Based on their symptoms, the doctors prescribe tests or medicines for them. The medicines given by the current modern medicine system deal with the symptoms and bring down the number as shown by test reports and resultantly symptoms are controlled or suppressed. But the disease continues to brew across the organ or the whole body. This way the disease gets converted chronic in nature and the suffering of the patient is prolonged.

Let’s think, is it the only way to deal with the disease? Are we treating the symptoms or are able to know the cause of the disease and remove the disease along with the root cause?

Names of diseases are broadly in accordance with the symptom or a group of symptoms. We have pain in bones or joints let it be named arthritis. We have breathlessness and our ECG shows certain worrying readings let is be named cardiovascular disease. If a person is not able to pass stool regularly, then he is labeled as a patient with constipation.

In fact, the health conditions of these patients are way different from the boundaries set by the modern medicine system.  The root cause of almost all diseases is one. It can be best understood by learning how the body works properly. The proper functioning of the body is end result of the proper functioning of cells in the body. Conversely, on the basis of the same analogy, the absence of proper functioning of our body will emanate from malfunctioning cells.

So, while cells are responsible for good health then why can it not be deduced that the absence of good health is also attributable to cells’ not working as they ought to?

We will discuss the cause of cells not working properly separately, but, first, we have to be on the same page with regard to the rationale of the cell-centric body.

From birth to death, we start from cells and continue to be dependent upon cellular health for our well-being. We have to take into account that the health of our cells is responsible for the health or otherwise of our organs.

Once we are convinced of this fact, it will be easy for us to answer innumerable questions related to ill health only on one account i.e. the units of our body, which is the cell.

This can be best appreciated by us on the basis of doing things in reverse order. Whenever we come across any sickness or if the condition continues in a prolonged way, the following few questions will lead to the solitary undisputed answer:

Ask yourself:

  1. Have I been under continued more than normal stress?
  2. Have I been feeling frustrated and helpless with regard to the challenges being faced by me?
  3. Was my eating pattern not thoughtful for quite some time?
  4. Have I not been eating more quantity of junk or unhealthy foods?
  5. Have I not been ignoring the signals sent by my body?
  6. Have I been overeating?
  7. Have I not been ignoring the need for exercise?
  8. Have not I been experiencing more mood swings recently?
  9. Is not my sleep pattern erratic and bothering me for some time?

You will find that answers to most of these questions will be in the affirmative and precede your sickness. So once you come to a tentative finding that these reasons were co-happening or co-term with your disease, you won’t be needing any more concrete proof to substantiate this theory. When it is not possible to prove something with mathematical precision and whatever evidence we have is not refutable with any negating evidence, we must give a chance to verify that fact inversely.

It is our endeavor to simplify the understanding of the causes of our diseases. We tend to easily understand easy things whereas, complexities frighten us and coerce us to optionlessely believe what is propounded by the complexities. This knowledge will empower the readers and perhaps do away with the need for elaborate complex knowledge. This will not only reduce the massive cost of modern treatment but will also save us from continued and ensuing suffering.

We will continue this series and try to answer more questions

Next – Homeostasis- the regulatory science in the body

In the meantime consider practicing the following on how to activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms

There are many things that you can do to activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Some of these include:

  1. Getting enough rest and sleep: This allows your body to repair and heal itself.
  2. Eating a healthy diet: This provides your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly and heal itself.
  3. Exercise: This helps to improve circulation and allows your body to get rid of toxins more efficiently.
  4. Reducing stress levels: This helps to prevent further damage to your body and allows it to focus on healing itself.
  5. Connecting with nature: This helps to reduce stress levels and also provides your body with negative ions, which have been shown to be beneficial for health and healing.
  6. Having a positive mindset: our thoughts and beliefs play a big role in how our body functions. If we believe that we are healthy and happy, our bodies will reflect that. On the other hand, if we believe that we are sick and unhappy, our bodies will reflect that as well. A positive mindset can also help you heal from illness and injury faster. Studies have shown that people who have a positive attitude recover from surgery and illness more quickly than those who do not.
  7. Meditation: This relaxation technique has been shown to reduce stress levels and promote overall well-being. It also enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  8. Yoga: Yoga involves both physical postures and breathing exercises. It improves flexibility, strength, and stamina, while also promoting relaxation and helping the body to heal itself naturally.
  9. Stay hydrated: Drinking lots of water will help your body flush out toxins and keep all its systems running smoothly.

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