Part 1 – Introduction To Our Body | Our Cells

Part 1 - Introduction To Our Body | Our Cells

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Except for human beings or domesticated animals, all living beings heal on their own without the aid of any medicine or medical intervention. Any wonder what especially a child does to grow into an adult and what an adult does to grow old frail and weak.

It happens involuntarily. The body has its own mechanism to grow. We only provide the right nutrition to eat and proper physical and mental conditions. A newborn sleeps most of the time and needs feeding when awake and then sleeps. During this period wonderful things are happening. Every part, every organ of his body is growing. This is what nature is doing to his body. So the body has its own well-placed system of growing and rather growing healthy.

We interfere in this system and its own abilities to heal get haywire.  Our cells possess memory and start behaving the way they are trained.  The body has an incredible capability to deal with disease and sickness.

Ever wondered what happens when we get a cut or bruise? When we have a cut and it bleeds the blood vessels around the injured part of the body come into action. They shrink resulting in less supply of blood to the injured part. Blood platelets create clots at the impacted part of the body. WBCs proliferate there and deal with dead cells.

Our Cells – The Miracle Within

Cells in our body are the building blocks. Human life starts from a cell and revolves around our cellular health. The human body is made of trillions of cells. A healthy body is a manifestation of healthy cells. It is not possible to have a healthy body without first having healthy cells. Our organs are made from tissues which in turn are made from Cells.

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Membrane, which is one of the most important parts of cells is the first line of defense.  It acts like a watchman or a barrier to regulate the entry and exit of material to and from cells. This Cellular wall acts as a shield for cellular functions. The wall can recognize the materials which are not good for Cells. The bad material in the form of bacteria and other toxins is not let in by the membrane.

Cellular wall acts as a shield for cellular functions

The membrane can identify nutritional material being supplied to the body and allows it to enter the Cells. It also permits the exit journey of toxic material from cells. Retention of nutrients while inside the cells is also made by the membrane by not allowing nutrients to leave the cells.  The cells in the body communicate with each other. The cells have memories and behave in particular ways.

As pointed out above, the body is nothing but cells. Therefore well being of cells is paramount for the health of the whole body. Hence it is important to know how to keep our cells healthy.  If the cells are denied their nourishment in long term they are starved and stop doing what they are supposed to. Once they don’t do their role the disease overpowers the immune system and we become sick     

The nourishment for the cells comes from clean eating where the body gets its recommended amount of vitamins, omegas,  and other nutrients along with adequate oxygen and water. A proper supply of a well-balanced diet, clean air, no toxic overload, and proper sleep provides the right environment for the cells.

Better cellular health means healthier tissues which pave way for the optimum performance of organs.


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