We Become What We Choose

We Become What We Choose

Yes, this is true in almost every  aspect of our life. But in particular, lets discuss about “we are what we eat”.

Our food choices make or break us. Our body is made of trillions of cells. We are in a sense creating, nourishing, and destroying our cells.

Our cells need their nourishment from the food we eat. Good food is responsible for healthy cells.

Healthy eating is quite a natural choice for human beings. But with today’s modern lifestyle we have complicated the simplest system and derive pleasure from processed food, sugars, salt, and fried items. We no more relish food in its natural form i.e fruit, vegetable, nuts, etc. We need to add something to every food item and only then we can consume it. Raw foods no more give us pleasure. A lot can be discussed about correct food choices and the role of food in our health.

Random tips for healthy eating

Fresh vegetables along with fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, and legumes
  • Try to eat as much of your food in raw form.
  • Fruits, vegetables, sprouts, juice of vegetables, fiber, nuts, and seeds are good food choices.
  • Spread eating of fruits and vegetables in five or more servings a day.
  •  You should eat fresh fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables
    • Contain lots of nutrients that can be easily digested by the body.
    • Contain a good amount of fiber.
    • Contain a good amount of phytochemicals which play a very important role in dealing with diseases.
    • Are good sources of antioxidants
    • Very good for your gut health
    • Good gut health is responsible for physical and mental health including having strong immunity and production of serotonin etc.
    • Help in the fight against diseases and ailments
    • Accelerate the recovery of the body
    • Curbs our desire for junk food
    • Help in controlling appetite
    • Help in weight management
    • Improve digestive system
    • Remove toxic load from the body
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Help fight cancer
    • Slow aging
  • The taste of food and the time taken for cooking, storage, and convenience shall not decide what we should eat
  • Food that nourishes our body, and has the required nutrients for a healthy body shall form a major part of our diet
  • Nutrition should be the basis for the selection of food
  • Fruits shall be eaten alone
  • Avoid fruit juice as it rapidly increases blood sugar
  • Avoid wheat and wheat products
  • Avoid sugar and sugary foodstuffs
  • Restrict intake of salt
  • Eat slowly; chew well
  • Don’t eat when you are angry or stressed up
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Mind your portion; don’t overeat
  • Eat whole grains and avoid processed food
  • Eat a lot of proteins
  • Eat baked foods instead fried ones
  • First, eat your salads (without dressings) then the main course.
  • Be active, don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle, exercise regularly, do Yoga and Meditation
  • Avoid intake of trans-fats  saturated fats

A Suggestive list

healthy eating vs junk food
Unhealthy fatsVegetables
AlcoholGood fats
Dairy productsCoconut/almond milk
Processed and ultra-processed foodsFood that is near to its natural form
WheatNon-gluten grains
Fruit juicesVegetable juice
Canned and packaged foodsFresh foods
Sugary beveragesOrganically produced foods
Late dinnersprebiotics

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